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Being married sure is a great thing. After all, you have someone who would always be there for you to show you love and provide you support as you face all the obstacles in your life. However, not all married couples remain happy, especially after spending years of their life together. So, if you want to keep the fire burning with your spouse, might as well consider the sex game ideas below.

Tarzan And Jane

If both of you are into rough sex, Tarzan and Jane game could be your best bet. The main goal of the game is so straightforward. Both of you should lay down in the bed along with a few ropes or scarves. Then, the guy need to brawl the lady, pin her down and then, tie her lovely hands together or unto the headboard. The girl needs to fight him by pushing or kicking him. The goal of the guy is to penetrate the lady while the girl is to cease the guy.

Fantasy game

In a piece of paper, you and your spouse should write down some of your secret fantasies. The darker your fantasies are, the better. Then, put them in a bowl or just any container and draw a piece of paper from it. Discuss what is written in the paper and try doing it.

Sexy Version Of Truth And Dare

Perhaps, you still remember playing the game truth or dare with your friends back in school but this can be a fun game among married couples too. In fact, it will allow the both of you to get to know each other more. Just ask anything that you can think of. Also, make your dares more challenging yet exciting and not only limited to lovemaking.

Card game

Do you have a deck of cards at home? If you do, then now is the time for you to bring them out. Give each card a meaning. For example, the heart can signify touchingeach other’s body and diamonds for kissing. Take turns in drawing the card and the number on the card would signify how long you need to do the act.

Stripping game

This is somewhat similar to the truth or dare game. The only difference is that you and your spouse takes turn in asking each other a question and every time someone gets it wrong, they need to take off a piece of their clothing.

‘X’ mark

Go to different areas of your house and mark an ‘x’ on any part of your body. Then, your spouse should guess what body part you have marked by kissing it until he/she gets it right. Take turns in guessing. You can even tease him/her by giving him/her false clues.

Sex is essential for couples, especially for a married one. However, to further spice up your relationship, don’t stick to just a single and regular sex routine. Try out any of these sex game ideas to turn on your lover every time you hit to bed.

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