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Exercise will always be part of a person’s lifestyle. People really enjoy exercising and eating a balanced diet. The idea of hitting the gym and do some extra steps of different forms of exercises can actually be good for your sex life too. Improving your health and fitness will help you to improve your sex life.

Improve your sex life

Here are some tips on how to keep the fire burning of your sex drive:

  • Keeping the heart rate on track

Raising your heart rate will help the blood flow throughout your veins and to your body. There are types of cardiovascular exercises such as running, jogging, swimming and many that will help to strengthen your cardiovascular system. This will help you to get you in the mood. It also helps to release endorphins also known as good hormones, the mood enhancing aspect that helps to increase your confidence and sex drive. This exercise will also help you to stay longer without getting fatigue during love making.

  • Finding the equilibrium

Strength training helps to increase testosterone but you also need to balance of slow, mindful exercise to help calm the mind and lower cortisol in the body. Keep your mind healthy as well and don’t stress over too much for it decreases the libido production. Moreover, include also high intensity training. Focus on breathing, relaxation and mindfulness will help you to boost your sex hormone.

  • Pelvic floor muscles exercise (Kegel)

One way is also to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle. Having a weak pelvic floor muscles caused by childbirth, menopause, high-impact exercise or general ageing can lead to loss of sensation during sex. Exercises like squats or donkey lunges, even wall squats will help you to improve this pelvic muscle. This will help you to experience the intense releasing of more intense orgasm.

  • Pick up the weights

Strength training helps the working out of the testosterone, which is responsible for the arousal to men and the key hormone for muscle development. With this kind of training the levels of testosterone goes up more. Higher testosterone level is what triggers the higher libido.

  • Stretch out

Being flexible is one of the points of exercise that you can practice and improve. it will help you to prevent your muscles from cramping up during orgasm. Being flexible also will help you to make love in different amazing positions or styles that both of you will benefit. This help also to spice up your partner in the bed. Lead the motion to make both of you satisfied.

Exercise provides psychological boost, as well. With regular and proper exercise, the higher level of self-esteem will be achieved. As you become fit, you will feel more confident and enjoy sex even more.  According to the studies, the increased level of endorphins may also influence the build up of hormones that improve your libido. For bonus information, eating chocolates will help you also to bring the sexual sensation to a higher level. Dark chocolates offer a potent serving of antioxidants that made you enjoy the higher sexual activity. It also enhances the libido.

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