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Intimacy as we define this word, it describes as the state of being intimate, the essence of being close, familiar and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group. It’s also connected to relationship that involves physical or emotional intimacy. But what does intimacy mean to men?

Intimacy for Men

The limited view about intimacy for men is rooted in the model of masculinity. The word intimacy when it is used in reference to males it is synonymous with the act of sex, and what they are actually referring to is the act of intercourse. For males intercourse and intimacy are one in the same.

If you mention intimacy to a man, they most likely will imagine a host of things that fly in the face of what you are thinking about. They have a very little idea about these concepts of intimacy. Their brains are soaked in testosterone, which means that they are fact-focused. Intimacy means something entirely different to most men. The essence of deep physical connections, foreplay, hand-holding, kissing, hugging, an understanding of each other’s physical needs, the ability to communicate physical needs, physical time alone together and the sensitivity to know when physical needs are present are those just a few from the top list of men about intimacy.

Secure of intimacy

A real man doesn’t disclose his true emotions to anyone. Vulnerability is seen as a weakness in man. Greatly involved that intimacy has a limited spot to man’s personal life. If a male doesn’t able to be emotionally vulnerable then it makes a difficult for him to form an emotionally intimate relationship with a lover.  Therefore, Men often view sex as a way to secure intimacy, in the activity of sex leads to a feeling of intimacy with his partner or wife. Another way to bond intimately with a partner is through general affection or touch. The problem is that, man sees touching as an activity alone. For them, to prolong the activity of touching and affection is to have Sex. They are not viewing touching as a way to be intimate.

Any form of intimacy for male is removed from his relationship. Intimacy for men is equivalent to satisfaction of his psychological needs. According to Daniel Beaver, it’s clear what intimacy to a male means for many men. The thought of having males who have learned to break through the stereotypic model of masculinity made to think about the development of the level of intimacy among men should be learned. Basically men have a much more difficult time relating to their own feelings and may feel very threatened by the expression of feelings in their presence. The men use sex to feel intimate connection with his wife, while woman uses an intimate connection to have sex which is too different perspective.

Indeed, men are often reluctant to talk about their needs in intimate relationship. They have infamously tender egos. Men feel respect as love. A sense of Sexual connection must be on the line of the relationship, physical touch, space and emotional intimacy are just few points on how man view intimacy in a relationship.

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